My work is hewn out of immense tension, between a very physical act of making and the resistance of the materials to that process. This is particularly redolent in the sculptures—but equally, if more subtly present, in the drawings—so that the resulting artwork acts as a record of that struggle. I use construction materials and discarded objects to create sculptural forms, which are made in series and are based on principles of physics such as torque, force and gravity. I utilize traditional inks, charcoals and pencils to make drawings, which begin with a formula, a mathematical plan emphasizing line, and are based in geometry.

     There are two aspects to the process of forging a work; initially there is a sense of detachment from my surroundings and any distractions that can be considered a trance-like state. It is intuitive and unthinking, so that the act of making becomes the purpose; There is also a scientific bent to the manner of creation, meaning that all works are essentially experiments, and the result of those investigations—the work— is a finding, a moment within the continuum of exploration, rather than a finite result.